Let's escape together!

Bring friends and family together with our series of online, virtual escape rooms. Wherever you are in the world, Trapped In The Web let’s you escape together. Find out more about how I surprised my partner Vicky for her birthday, and found myself starting the Trapped In The Web journey to share the experience with you.

Click below to buy a room and add it to your account permanently - you can come back and play whenever you like!

FREE Dragons Den Mini-Room!

For a limited time only, every purchase gets free access to a special Dragons Den Mini-Room - The same room the Dragons did in the pitch!

Our Escape Rooms

What it is

We're so bored of the video chat quizzes by now, aren't we?

Trapped In The web is a series of online, virtual escape rooms for you to play solo or in teams from anywhere in the world.

Each room takes between 1 - 3 hours to complete - so get your team together and give it a go!

How it works

Get your team together, I got my girlfriend's best friends and family involved for her birthday over video chat.

Once you’ve signed up and bought a game, hit play and make your way through the rooms, solving the puzzles to escape. The rooms are text-based, but with lots of pictures and videos supporting the puzzles.

Don't just take my word it...

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Rachael Hamlett on February 8, 2021
"Chose the escape fest to complete with 3 different households. Would recommend the experience and feel it’s good value for money. We have done many escape rooms...
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Amy Henley on January 24, 2021
"Played ‘The Missing’ the other day and it was great. One of the best escape rooms we’ve played so far! We got one access and zoomed friends to screen share. Wor...
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Helen Faulks on January 25, 2021
"Great value for money with clever clues and an intriguing storyline. Good way to spend a lockdown birthday with friends."
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Rachel Louise Hemstalk on January 17, 2021
"Just completed ‘The Missing’ with a group of friends. Really good fun and something different to do during lockdown! Would really recommend having a go. Took ab...
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Peter Hunt on January 24, 2021
"Played ‘Cabin Fever’ last weekend. My wife & I really enjoyed it! Well thought out and challenging puzzles. A lot of effort had been put in to this game. Th...
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Cazzy Glennie on February 6, 2021
"Brilliant fun with 5 households all around the country, worked perfectly!"
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Sheila Jackson on January 18, 2021
"We played Cabin Fever an intermediate game. I bought one entry and shared the screen through Zoom with three other teams. Great fun. We will definitely be doing...
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Rachael Snape on January 11, 2021
"we have played 2 rooms now and they are absolutely brilliant, doesn't just get the brain going but we had such a laugh doing them with our friends over zoom too...
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Lily Gap on January 2, 2021
"We played The Missing today online with family for my son's 13th birthday. I cannot recommend this highly enough. it was tricky but not too difficult and we all...
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Philipp Prestel on December 22, 2020
"We did the Christmas Party escape room with the office and it was great fun! The rooms were challenging so we could not just plough through and actually had to ...
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Sara Otley on January 1, 2021
"We did ‘The Missing’ for a new year party. There were 4 teams and we used zoom, to be honest there were only really 2 people taking part on each team. It was re...
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Mike Litvinenko on December 24, 2020
"We had a lot of fun in Space Race escape room. 35 people were really confused with complexity but we solved it. Nice stuff!!"
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Emma Goding on December 13, 2020
"Completed one of the rooms last night, great value and a lot of thought and work had obviously gone into the games. The only little complaint we would have was ...
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Emily Gerard Jessop on December 16, 2020
"Really good fun and very inventive escape room ideas! Would definitely recommend as an activity to do during these isolating times! Have completed one with frie...
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Clare Gilbert on January 1, 2021
"We played the Night at the Theatre escape room on NYE & really enjoyed it! A great way to inject a bit of fun & something different into another evening...
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Natasha Miles on January 24, 2021
"Tried our first online escapee room this afternoon. Started with Cabin Fever. We loved it and will be doing another next weekend! It’s takes a bit of getting us...
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Marie-Louise Synnott on December 5, 2020
"Would recommend the format and we enjoyed the cruise ship but after doing 2 games with different people, the puzzles were very same-y, shame a bit more thought ...
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Dean Harris on December 17, 2020
"We did the Christmas escape for our virtual Christmas party at work and it worked really well. User friendly, challenging but also great fun. We set up two team...
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Claire Bateman on November 30, 2020
"We've done two rooms now (The missing and Escape fest). 8 -10 people in 5 different locations were entertained, and challenged for just less than 2 hours each t...
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Anita Neal on November 22, 2020
"Four households ‘met up’ over the web for an evening. We did the cruise escape and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve never done a real escape room so wasn’t sure w...
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Sarah Howard on November 1, 2020
"My family of four (children aged 12 and 10) have just completed 'Schools Out' in two hours. It was very cleverly done and we really enjoyed the level of challen...
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Rebecca Ackerley on November 21, 2020
"Really loved it! Great fun during lockdown for less than a tenner! We played The Missing and will definitely be making our way through the next games. Thank you...
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Sarah Wrightee on October 28, 2020
"We had a great time sharing this on zoom. It was just the right amount of challenge for us and we would definitely do another. Dave was really helpful too! Than...
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Cyndi Mundt on October 17, 2020
"This was a great way to get together with friends across the country and spend an enjoyable evening. It was challenging and funny and well thought out. It is se...
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Tracey Eyre on November 1, 2020
"Played Escape Fest, took us a couple of hours to complete but was good fun... and we only cheated a couple of times . Looking forward to playing another game. W...
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Karen Erangey on January 11, 2021
"Yes, its doing something a bit different for a birthday celebration in lockdown. We did The Missing and found it hard, we had to use hints! We enjoyed it, its g...
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Jasmine Alishia Sparkes on January 9, 2021
"Had really good fun doing this virtually with some friends last night! A good alternative to quizzes etc for a good price!"
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Kate Williams on October 29, 2020
"We used trapped in the web for our team building activity and would highly recommend it. It kept us engaged for the entire time and was difficult but not imposs...
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Karen Caramiello on November 7, 2020
"It took a while but we managed to escape the Lockdown room! Definitely recommend giving the game a try."
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Abigail Morris on November 15, 2020
"Spooky, creepy but great adventure! Can't wait to do another! Well done trapped team"
118173855 10157083797057391 1271493939695375276 n nc cat103ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc Hd KTK V Rs Ac AX n Mx1 O nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohfa7274c82d63a45f2e89ead6a5f63877oe607 F3 E73
Janet Lacey on December 26, 2020
"We did this (two families sharing via zoom) this afternoon ~ the locked down Airbnb - it was excellent! Kept us amused for almost 3 hours! Tricky - but we got t...
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Nicola Hawkins on January 31, 2021
"We did the Cabin Fever escape room last night with two other households. We bought one pass and used screen share on Messenger so that everyone could see the cl...
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Claire Pinfold on October 12, 2020
"Thank you Dave, we used the Escape Fest as our company social this year. It was a huge success and was lots of fun. It gave our employees some downtime whilst h...
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Rhiannon Smith on December 30, 2020
"Played The Missing with my partner for our anniversary, had a lot of fun and was something different to do instead of virtual quizzes "
14088568 1072072709555672 6963661066418037750 n nc cat104ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcsy6i S8l U Bvk AX8o Soy O nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh13feee2390106b448aa90c53f9757662oe607 FAF97
Rachel O'Neill on October 1, 2020
"We did one of these virtual escape rooms as part of my team’s social event and it was a huge success! Everyone had great fun and the system worked really well -...
131929501 1007184959774462 4725206649645495358 n nc cat100ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohchjoafpl VW w AX Xn O 9 nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh8eff6c197cc5e5b8dcb72d528f59bac1oe607 E3 BC1
Catherine Louise on October 24, 2020
"Really good fun and would recommend."
96288027 10158270895857429 4115095680551223296 o nc cat102ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcba La Hs Q0kj MAX94 F Ljf nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh471b34f66bd9d0de9501833d2afbde4foe607 D0 BA5
Josh Lorento on December 18, 2020
"Booked the Christmas Conundrum and ran this with 30 team mates... absoloutly brilliant.. challenging but really got the team talking and working together really...
154595142 4113215865389945 6164052967665833450 o nc cat102ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc Yuw3 Dz D Tpv4 AX Sb WAV nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohc579a3568db1d97f6bc055befdbae1b9oe607 CB013
Colette Gould on August 31, 2020
"My friend and I during lockdown have bonded over several of these escape rooms. The themes were great, escape fest, lockdown room and the cabin fever! We even d...
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Regina Allin Wild on September 19, 2020
"We had a lot of fun connecting with friends over the game. Great idea!"
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Debbie Gilbert on October 31, 2020
"Played The Missing with group of four, over two different locations. We bought two screen passes. Great! Tricky enough to get us all scratching our heads but no...
12823306 10154742463728902 35598412098618277 o nc cat105ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohclbinlh3 Pp Rk AX n SO3 W nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh7436ae43db6b28cb687ae8bd3057dd75oe607 F309 B
Andy Neville on November 21, 2020
"Booked this for a "lockdown birthday night out' - fab enjoyed by all. We decided to jump straight to the intermediate level as we thought the beginner level mig...
133188046 10100831494726932 2540984874672346921 n nc cat100ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcz Gd Wfd J RVUAX8 CT7u N nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohf925d72874707b327b89ab3b7942b8dcoe607 CA669
Cris West on July 30, 2020
"Booked this for my work team for team building, and they escaped within the hour. They said it was hard, but fun, and they were all laughing, so will probably d...
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Annette Murty on June 29, 2020
"I have just played Cabin Fever by myself and it took me a good few hours over a couple of days.. I liked the fact that there was no time limit. Some of the puzz...
131511035 10221970828833572 1856440940175654104 o nc cat106ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc Fik2 Z Fssi YIAX8 K4g8o nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh0d095142d3a681fb4a535d0d146e0b64oe607 CEB5 C
Sophie Boyce on July 19, 2020
"So well put together! I've done the 'Lockdown Breakout' and 'A Night at the Theatre' so far and both are highly recommended!"
136978367 10159253042328223 2292042724578754352 o nc cat103ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc7t4 FK1 Qe00s AX9 Y1u CC nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh846043681a63e35ca98df6a3382548c5oe607 FC293
Emma Webb on August 25, 2020
"Lots of fun with family ranging from 9 - 48 years trying to solve the clues, haven’t laughed so much in ages and some educational value added to we escaped the ...
156746381 10157439586690881 1126416349105419614 o nc cat110ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcl Yc Z28 mz OUAX PIX7 L nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohcf04c1512b2d3919372ea8c179122ce7oe607 E4489
Melody Wright on June 14, 2020
"We’ve just played Lockdown Breakout escape room with friends and really enjoyed it! Two households played using screen share which worked well. For 4 people and...
140425117 10158987937514510 3255246739112391878 n nc cat101ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc9v S Jb Hxi Hw AX9 Xf Lr J nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh8a4f0c71d3a5e53a5be13b6a5aff2412oe607 C6139
Shanice Pomfrey on June 7, 2020
"Enjoyed doing the cruise ship escape room online for our date night. Definitely recommend something different! And beats falling asleep watching Tele on a Satur...
97424459 10217954043225781 7124612348991504384 n nc cat105ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc C Vdd Ogq1if IAX If J y nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohef37ef9f23d7948f2573b861e6389eb4oe607 CBC9 B
Ross McNee on May 23, 2020
"We enjoyed doing the Cabin Fever room with friends, it worked well and we had a great evening attempting to escape! Dave responded to my initial queries almost ...
17547135 10155244418394175 6908137324030657687 o nc cat103ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc B Wsjmzq5w Q4 AX 2mol V nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh7b4361a8bc7681dca6bcad8f950655fdoe607 E7653
Dom Richardson on May 26, 2020
"a great way to spend an evening! 3 friends and I have done the space ship and office rooms challenges and they are hard, but definitely doable. We used zoom to ...
148424510 3973020212749292 7055932676035453155 o nc cat103ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc LOLZII1 Q8 Vc AX8p Vn nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh3dc3d476df11f4391197a5cb187c4c73oe607 E5379
Maria Love on June 6, 2020
"Have done these two nights in a row with a friend for her birthday. We are seasoned escape room aficionados and have found 's "rooms" to be very well done! Easy...
89548175 10163045201695384 3302933767357726720 o nc cat110ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc I7aeo4x Cgzo AX 3 Vhix nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh935296b27da8138701c16d14afeb60f6oe607 C6993
Kirsty Morley on July 31, 2020
"Done a few of these recently and we’ve had great fun doing them! Thank you for entertaining us! Xx"
75102022 10218248823484792 3288495083740987392 n nc cat101ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc YQE Uck VW8es AX q BJ Lv nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohe94ba06e6c98826e1b34eb99a1fe596foe607 F7 A11
Daniel John Rhovan on June 2, 2020
"Clever puzzles that never felt unfair. A great way to spend time with friends who are far away."
120909731 10100991357880501 8314063191938802114 o nc cat105ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcb L1n49 u ZYAAX 6le Bm nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh4ae94271c3787cca92e464fa5bdccf6coe607 CD140
Katy Kent on May 19, 2020
"I've played Space Race and Cabin Fever so far. Enjoyed both rooms. have played with experienced escape room players and players who were new to escape rooms. we...
139984743 10158752594945943 6624306677595249204 o nc cat102ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc Gxx LM9jm O 8 AX9 t9 Q nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohafb8e32cdce056a62e0550213e0892d0oe607 FBCFF
Larissa Webb on May 22, 2020
"Played the Cabin Fever escape room and we absolutely loved it! It was a great evenings entertainment. Will definitely try the others "
13697102 10208255030626262 9107409108535043410 n nc cat106ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc0 Mj812d8h X4 AX9 g191 nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh55477f269bdc9e698e8a14330aaf2d22oe607 F2 F1 D
Sumaiya BintSeif on May 13, 2020
"Had the best time doing these with my friend - the escape rooms definitely vary in difficulty so dont overestimate your abilities! Also, so nice to see that Dav...
80548025 10162827053375607 2224378749602758656 o nc cat107ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc Fv4z T3t6 Xwc AX8 D Shut nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohff5f369389f18b7d45c582f90dacde0boe607 D7 F2 E
Becky Byford on May 20, 2020
"For date night we thought we would try something new, especially with recent times making our relationship long distance! We played 'Cabin Fever' together, it w...
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Carol Finlan on May 23, 2020
"We played Cabin fever.. it was quite challenging but we made our escape. The fact that there is no time limit made it a relaxing evening . will definitely play ...
160304701 10158464970032499 747748488187434298 o nc cat103ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc YL6 XXVP9ixo AX8pkrd O nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh3f1f0ea608c1f5679fb6373a76ee88c7oe607 E2655
Leann McMullan Bishop on June 28, 2020
"A great alternative to the quiz night on zoom! A fun night in, when staying in is the new going out... we did the school reunion, 1 1/2 hours of problem solving...
108209303 3709730999041529 5496435820953809288 n nc cat108ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc50 K7 Qu D n8 QAX8mgeyq nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohb7ac57ff432c6b6faf6c18ec5da0280coe607 F3264
Theodora Clark on May 24, 2020
"Did this with a friend I haven't see in months because of Quarantine. We haven't had an excuse to facetime and this gave us a good 2 hours chat and escaping! It...
136769947 2413198808825538 2494962652515570105 o nc cat111ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcd Ta A Bc Dc r EAX8 Ag P E nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohb416e6eeae66bbfbffea029e11f454e9oe607 F6 CA5
Kezia Scarratt on May 13, 2020
"After an initial negative review owing to a misunderstanding of the difficulty levels to each room, I did feel that the rooms were "impossible". Since, Dave had...
140372134 10164939477420494 955089318283031999 n nc cat106ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcv Cf9n Psb2r4 AX9 KJ ne nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohda7b98be6715ab2c7781b038895aed1doe607 C6968
Ross Nedyrd on May 16, 2020
"Played space race game tonight took us about 3 hours but a lot of fun. One part (no spoilers) slowed us down considerably and I’d say was too complicated howeve...
99368925 10222691282616666 5012577329533157376 o nc cat100ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcfh R Hf4 Jp CCUAX8 YH Eo D nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh146600f8abfd20acc051aa3ffefdb59aoe607 F520 E
Stacey Hazlehurst on May 23, 2020
"Hubby and myself had the pleasure of playing Cabin Fever, very enjoyable, certainly challenged our brains, will be doing another one soon."
16463552 10158246112760615 2151019340068419752 o nc cat111ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcsu Yl Y Ze U Kv IAX k Bf KM nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh10822fbb750e19dada89a4fd78b338d0oe607 C8153
Russell Pugh on May 5, 2020
"Incredibly fun, challenging, and only generated three arguments with the team, a new personal best!"
13891825 10157192623025543 1849843706859819351 n nc cat110ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc Kd Eh Zg Be Cj IAX 5 Z Mf Y nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh9d8a2a99f1e0ba749a4fcdaa7958fbd1oe607 CA9 E1
Kerrie Reed on May 16, 2020
"What a great way to lose yourself for hours! Just completed our first family zoom escape room and it was so much fun, definitely worth a few quid we spent.... e...
81382836 104998694345138 4993112709546377216 o nc cat103ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohczm Z Pfkd Tg E4 AX8 UCG Mb nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohe5bf867797d2616f68719644acbe9c42oe607 D4 E62
Trisha Peter Tindall on May 17, 2020
"We have just completed 'A Night at the Theatre' and we thoroughly enjoyed getting out through the stage door. This was a very welcome distraction from real 'loc...
11391142 10153440431419714 3205233621720586971 n nc cat111ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcbf T0wfui I Jo AX p Cb6 M nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohed8bee05089e9cf1d130dffac4d39213oe607 CFBFB
Amanda Hayward on May 16, 2020
"We escaped the Space Race! Excellent experience with a wide range of challenges... just wish we’d found you sooner in the lockdown!"
148002834 10159418850678478 5083630482695058777 o nc cat111ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcz NH Ee Lkl YZ8 AX8nt54h nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh7d34d35cccad7c8892d6c6af0cb15a3doe607 E4 E58
Claire Bradnum on June 29, 2020
"great alternative to quiz nights, we have been doing them over zoom with the family, we are doing our 3rd one tonight, cant wait."
130084860 10164409573915440 1450656530571035109 n nc cat102ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc0x NR Co EQI g AX8epljn nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh555fd77812ae13f10977752f37079c7eoe607 E5 B1 B
Elizabeth Glatz on July 18, 2020
"This was a lot of fun. Having never completed a real or online escape room before a group of friends and I caught up via zoom for Cabin Fever last night. Took u...
84357692 10158466708717214 3005004324259495936 o nc cat110ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc3 M1 Gzprn A Vw AX9j Z Yat nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh503a5c1239d66d71e452c0c72a25fbc3oe607 F4050
Charlotte West on May 30, 2020
"We played Out of Hours and it was really fun! Thanks for putting these together, it's great!"
118449427 10164215263545191 3118022307863591582 o nc cat111ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohci J Yx D Ev1gzc AX n T6kd nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh6eaa51b95ca15df5edb319d074e6f971oe607 D1631
Kelly Clark on May 13, 2020
"We did cabin fever last night, took 3 hours to complete much much harder then we imagined used 2/3 hints. Think if the price was lower we'd work our way through...
17022109 10158475324485790 5675984635404391309 n nc cat110ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc WQ9m5emehrw AX 1qxx Z nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohe6181c272555755b718aaee3caf9c224oe607 E3 E0 C
Kat Jackson on May 4, 2020
"What a great experience - SUCH a fun activity to share with family and friends. Be prepared to flex those brain muscles and get totally immersed in the storylin...
91508608 10156762872100876 6621539831723851776 n nc cat104ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcavchf E Yi7 Pc AX 0 Fhgp nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohd63f9ee6e91180c7abeb9500e8df2f91oe607 FEB75
Rebekah Coombes on May 25, 2020
"Had a brilliant time doing the school's out escape room via zoom for a birthday. So much fun."
15178180 880849595348101 8422145476983520740 n nc cat106ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcio Mq6 W Du4 S8 AX Nis6t nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohb7c78b9281bb49fc1b527b96c6f1b0ecoe607 C9886
Janette Graves on May 29, 2020
"We completed lockdown breakout last night over video call with friends. We really enjoyed it! Found the layout really easy to use and we did manage to escape! B...
75418960 10158222744130400 3515982708087980032 o nc cat108ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc Stvvj0 Xcu Cs AX9kb Uj nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh5b0f2f8243da699f39b19646680c4143oe607 CA8 EC
Natasha Gibbard on June 13, 2020
"We were actually ment to be on a cruise right now so instead we just completed cabin fever, we dressed up for the occasion and played with 4 of our friends via ...
125103598 10157352791016022 1289840921220221798 o nc cat111ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc O245 OTJ Neog AX85a Kou nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh77bb9ac9e1c72579f3c6f19c7f8f5788oe607 D8037
Julie Thurston on November 21, 2020
"I talked my parent friends into doing The Missing room with our teen sons. I've found since lockdown, finding ways to engage with my sons friends outside of sch...
128390618 10164686881970145 5140970327793986503 o nc cat107ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc0g Wykj X Zhrs AX Yc Ob G nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohd99c8248869926bff8549147467e5919oe607 D8 E04
Jonathan Gibson on December 17, 2020
"We used trapped in the web for a team meeting today (31 people joined in smaller teams) - we did the Christmas party themed game and it was really good! as a fa...
158513178 10164681651410521 4314256628308770928 o nc cat104ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc YZ Cf1nv8 Y Dg AX j Oa PC nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohd4d15792033e643ad05fecc084c6d0f8oe607 E189 C
Maxine Kwok on June 16, 2020
"great fun! 6 of us took about 2 and a half hours to complete Intermediate so you get your money's worth! we'll definitely do another one!"
91829773 10222310173126162 3510952184692867072 n nc cat102ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohch Qot EEV1c R4 AX9 WG28a nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohb699f959bc0859eef188f1bdf6ccb3e1oe607 C3 BAD
Christine Mabbott on May 17, 2020
"I don’t know where the time went. We teamed up with 2 other households and I purchased ‘Cabin Fever’. We had a fun evening with our friends searching for clues ...
142548334 1018173398674533 1021283029387442814 o nc cat105ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc Gi F9 Nvub Q Os AX fpo NJ nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohe714727daf2aeb9e71825db66e38698aoe607 F9 B06
Amy Pittock on May 16, 2020
"Just played this with friends. Something different and fun to do. We enjoyed it very much!"
21457646 10155453526510907 4327148584708982071 o nc cat101ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc Vw GN x7 R4 QAX8v0t Fj nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh4ed5f21f309c0a25ca32a10649ba951coe607 C3 CA3
Helen Dyer on May 22, 2020
"My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our virtual escape room. If you like normal escape rooms then you will enjoy this. It filled 2 hours (we are still in the be...
37147153 939620641190 3960141863331037184 o nc cat101ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc e26 UZ0 Avp0 AX Ieu XM nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohbce8361f06a5595630137872ac90e9dcoe607 E21 B7
Erika Phelps Nishiguchi on July 19, 2020
"We just wrapped up a (now virtual) gaming convention that we have has a friends group annually This involves lots of board games and, traditionally, an escape r...
53117797 10161351305260386 7817534725823660032 n nc cat106ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc Y Qx W TD0m HAAX 4jd Pm nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohc38f06cef023a1e52e0c4fbe5c4af706oe607 FD17 B
Jason Clover on June 14, 2020
"We are big escape room fans and have been really missing visiting them during lockdown. Some friends bought us the Night at the Theatre online room a few weeks ...
128664004 10164706841345551 2669211293590284015 n nc cat111ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc Fsuso h Bo Jw AX BB4 LP nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohd9827132a363ed283c6384c5459736b3oe607 ED83 C
Aelish Potter on May 24, 2020
"Great way to spend an evening in lockdown!"
47170926 10158703992817524 7231617207153721344 n nc cat107ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc0 Bd8 M9 D5wpw AX z U Sth nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh060e427b88b3a67b60eaed407a22b305oe607 F5 BB4
Hannah Comander on May 22, 2020
"Great way to spend a Friday night with friends in lockdown (virtually of course). The lock down room took us a little longer than the estimated hour but got the...
117120678 1216911405315354 7097894421852555615 n nc cat102ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcc Jw3 Hq i GQAX c Ig Ln nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh7215e93b298be5161ae895791a3989d6oe607 CD855
Faye Missin on December 31, 2020
"Just completed The Missing ... fantastic way to spend a lockdown New Year’s Eve - definitely would do another "
163596422 10157550605272234 6222258724982689204 o nc cat109ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc Xy GQA Vc F3a QAX8 Gtbel nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh97357262dd9fd4b9f31ae6d3bf464fd9oe607 C611 F
Emma Lusty on June 12, 2020
"Done the cruise escape room online last night, have to admit it was so good and worth the ££! We got stuck on one part but definitely got us thinking throughout...
145339899 10225365903923334 7079163565697662879 n nc cat104ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc8 QDKQ7 Ajxx YAX d O8cy nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohb1b221d849d31a3b5790b95ce15ccb72oe607 EE7 CB
Maria Farrell on May 17, 2020
"What a fun evening we had with our family doing this escape room!! Really recommend it!!"
12188056 158299487854733 6648389200991137919 o nc cat104ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc Jd19 Hf Ld Pik AX J7 I Sd nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohdd2f5728f7ca8a3d2605d4e88b9376f3oe607 C5 A98
Hazel Richards on July 30, 2020
"Would just like to say ‘EscapeFest’ made my twins 21st birthday one to remember. Although we spent a lovely day as a family, by mid afternoon they were a bit sa...
88224583 10157105719973226 8009005579060117504 n nc cat111ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc Pw SS Wuj7c0 AX v Xf3 C nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh9299c25ca51a7f27aef6471190f22ef2oe607 D7946
Zoë Sages on October 8, 2020
"We played a night at the theatre for my husbands birthday this week (we are in lockdown abroad) and played with my parents on zoom in the UK. We have been to ma...
160381954 10159051921517317 7344661326020350106 n nc cat109ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcf D Fzx W Jbu9s AX 4 UVMG nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh77ce5bf6392ecfe35fae7e41f7479c3doe607 F8 E7 E
Lesley Ann on May 30, 2020
"Had great fun completing cabin fever tonight via zoom with friends! A fantastic alternative to quizzing! We are all up for taking on another next week! Thanks!"
162417913 4102876923076513 6140054673963768605 n nc cat110ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc SQP4dyn U Ov UAX8t X Bx Z nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6oh1a4c75fc2b02339d5341cd442778deeaoe607 DECC8
Alice Prout on June 11, 2020
"Completed the ‘cabin fever escape room’ with my sisters via Skype. Loved the set up and clever clues which really get you thinking. Looking forward to doing our...
84204763 3553675101327817 15148212214038528 o nc cat105ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcbo C2a512x g AX i Qc Wg nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohf4a4efe4483954b1167f337db445524doe607 F7516
Lewis McColl on May 19, 2020
"Completed the Lockdown Breakout room with my girlfriend for a Lockdown date night, had a fun 2 hours! Will definitely be trying a different room next week!"
97642717 10163451985645297 8690256622783561728 n nc cat100ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcw H3d W7l F7i YAX M Qbpo nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohc23de9e1d7a7bbfe311ab51f162dabdfoe607 E8 B7 A
Jo Kelly on December 18, 2020
"We've just successfully completed Space Race for our work xmas do (with A LOT of hints), so I guess we are genuises now?!"
1529852 724458630946700 2365758542669769548 o nc cat108ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc RD31 Wh Ksls YAX95 G Mkf nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp27ohb025c2293b8c8902ad297579fe3b2224oe607 CC3 A8
Suzi Startle on January 24, 2021
"great fun, challenging puzzles, great value for money. highly recommend"
154553195 116021047146765 4744125829171774143 o nc cat106ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcg6 JZ3z MI WUAX qg L7 M nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp6ohd08c1f67246c30bfd143233a3d59e8daoe607 D4 D9 B
May May on February 4, 2021
"We did Cabin Fever with ages 14 upwards. It was both enjoyable and challenging. Such good value at 8.99. Will definitely do another one. Great idea. Thank you."
61662320 10155955402831581 4728249442270969856 o nc cat102ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc Q0wr OKSQT Ys AX8h1mam nc htscontent fml2 1 xxtp27oh9f03cdf582be725bcd9d56e0eff3865aoe607 EC880
Jennifer Lock on January 17, 2021
"A great way to spend a couple of hours. The clues are quite taxing and sometimes the answer is right infront of you! Really well put together and worth the mone...
Jen Crilly on December 18, 2020
"3 of us played Out of Hours and really enjoyed it. Pretty tough, took us 2 hours to complete and some very clever clues. Highly recommend it and great value for...
131297695 4827344330640859 3768481776947213665 o nc cat108ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohc U7ij8 R2077s AX9 GMD Oo nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp27oh373e1e1e082ccaa5c22833f65e123848oe607 E56 A0
Grace Shimokura on December 6, 2020
"I booked an advanced room for me and my puzzle-savvy family. We took a few hours but managed to complete it! We thoroughly enjoyed the puzzles and I loved the a...
134231093 10100895434396957 7938124703278395069 n nc cat108ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcs ENG4 CI7 MJYAX9q5 Mha nc htscontent sjc3 1 xxtp27oh602544515357956f9dbd387b68ffc0a8oe607 C4 E3 F
Francesca Strode on November 14, 2020
"Praise to Trapped in The Web creators! Best £8.99 I’ve spent in lockdown!! We had a mixed ability group where some had done live escape rooms and we all found i...
39080822 1789616517782296 3308926127203942400 n nc cat106ccb1 3 nc siddbb9e7 nc ohcex VLY6 A3 T Wc AX828vpd nc htscontent fml2 1 xxtp29ohbb808e5503220840bc2bed8a3bf6ce12oe607 D3 FD7
Karen McIntosh on October 31, 2020
"Played A Night at the Theatre, challenging but good fun. Would highly recommend and look forward to the next game."